You might think that some people are born with the organizational gene and some aren't -- just like some people are naturally talented at math, or football.  I think that organizing is a skill we have all learned -- we can all categorize, sort, and label.  The skill that people struggle with is PURGING.

Being able to throw your stuff away is definitely something you are born with.  Some people are like "Throw it all away!" and some are like "I'm saving EVERYTHING!"  Most of us are somewhere in between.  But to truly be organized, we have to hone our purging skills and be able to get rid of something.  So here is my advice if you have a hard time purging: figure out what you absolutely love -- like your vintage tea set collection, your Disney figurines, or your kids' school projects -- and don't even think about those.  Instead, find stuff that doesn't hold much sentimentality, like old bills, the semi-dying plants in the backyard, or out-of-date food in the pantry -- and start the purging and organizing process with that.

Once you have mastered purging with non-sentimental things, move on to things that hold more memories.  You can do it!  
-- Kelly =)



06/18/2010 14:03

Great job Kelly! I look forward to learning more from you :) I think my husband and kids are quietly hiding their treasures from me as I type though!


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